Town of Pegram

Town Leaders

Community Leaders

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Town Leaders

John Louallen Mayor, Purchasing Agent, Personnel Supervisor 615-829-4370
Rankine Roth Vice Mayor 615-542-4578
Bob Sanders Alderman 615-403-7475
Michael Paszek Alderman 615-483-5888
Pat Anderson Alderman 615-708-7197
Jamie Mrzena Town Recorder - Court Clerk/Accounting Department Head 615-646-0773
Cindy Beirnes Town Clerk - Front Desk Management 615-646-0773
Larry Martin Public Works - Maintenance Department Head 615-646-0773
Danny Crutcher Public Works - Maintenance 615-646-0773


Jim Stinnett Sewer Operator 615-646-0773
Brad Bivens Engineer - Town Consultant 615-646-0773
Martha Brooke Perry Attorney - Town Consultant 615-646-0773
Bob Hoge City Planner 615-646-0773

Fire Department

Brent Stuart PFD Fire Chief (Volunteer Part-Time) 615-646-6800
Nathan Stanley PFD Asst. Chief (Volunteer Part-Time) 615-646-6800

Planning Commission

Gene Hannah Planning Commission, Chairman 615-646-6616
Bob Sanders Planning Commission 615-673-7609
Melissa McWright Planning Commission 615-646-3114
John Louallen Planning Commission 615-829-4370
Bill Herbert Planning Commission 615-646-6994
Randy Howington Planning Commission 615-390-8440
Bo Sanders Planning Commission 615-456-6966

Board of Zoning and Appeals

David Becker Board of Zoning Appeals
Hope Tinsley Board of Zoning Appeals
Gary Jackson Board of Zoning Appeals
Mark Beirnes Board of Zoning Appeals
Stephanie Paquette Board of Zoning Appeals

Emergency Management Board

Kevin Stewart Emergency Management Board - Director 615-646-5098
Brent Stuart Emergency Management Board - Fire Department Representative 615-646-0773
Michael Paszek Emergency Management Board - Governing Body Representative 615-483-5888
Wanda Kelley Emergency Management Board 615-977-9871
Nancy Stephenson Emergency Management Board 615-662-8401
Patricia Stewart Emergency Management Board 615-646-5098
Andy Mayer Emergency Management Board 615-881-2714
Christina Carlton Emergency Management Board 757-470-4187

Sheriff’s Office: 615-792-4341

(Enforcement for Town of Pegram)