Town Business:

Fees, Forms & More

Town of Pegram Permits can be applied for during regularly scheduled/posted Town Hall hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

Bring your receipt(s) from the Cheatham County Building Department in Ashland City in order to apply for your Town of Pegram permits. County Building Codes Office number: 615-792-7915

Call 1-836-637-7661

To locate lines for water, electrical and/or sewer prior to digging!

Building Permit/Fees:

  • $0.60 sq. ft. on TOTAL square footage of residential construction
  • $0.60 sq. ft on TOTAL square footage of commercial construction

City Facilities Tax:

  • $0.75 sq. ft. on HEATED square footage on residential construction
  • $0.40 sq. ft. on HEATED square footage on commercial construction

To schedule an inspection call Town Hall at 615-646-0773.


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2017-2018 Budget2017-2018
2018-2019 Budget2018-2019
2019-2020 Budget2019-2020
2020-2021 Budget2020-2021
2022-2023 Budget2022-2023
2023-2024 Budget2023-2024
2023-2024 Amendment Budget2023-2024Amendment

Septic Inspections:

Where City Sewer is not available, the State Environmental Office performs the inspections.

For information about the City approved septic tank for the Town of Pegram, call Town Hall at 615-646-0773.